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Mystic Temples

They chose the three mountain tops of Malta, Gozo and Comino for many reasons, but mainly for its position and its abundance of limestone.

Limestone is Calcite, quartz with crystalline property. It has the capacity to absorb, store, transfer and emit life-force energy - the basic properties essential to life. The Star Beings built the temples with limestone because of these special crystalline properties.

But there are other special qualities about this land, besides the quantity of limestone. Malta holds the energy of Sirius, the Sacred Planet, and the Light from the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy. It is the portal of the original light, and all the other energy centres around the world get their supply from this central power station. Malta was the Central Core of that first Cosmic Civilisation on Earth, and hence its name.

In Atlantean time, it was called ma.al.ta, meaning the centre abode of life. Malta was both the central abode and an energy pillar connecting the Cosmos with the Earth, and it was also linked with all the other energy centres around the world like one big network. Before the land of Atlantis fell beneath the sea, the leaders encoded and stored in crystals and in stone their hidden knowledge, so the temples are also holding and storing the secrets of Atlantis.

The above is an extract from the latest publication by Author Francis Xavier Aloisio, An Alternative Handbook to the Maltese Temples. Francis Xavier Aloisio has teamed up exclusively with beyond3sixty to deliver alternative tours to the Goddess Temples of Malta.