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Land & Water Sport

Malta’s idyllic weather conditions offer the sport enthusiast or adventure-seeking traveller a variety of land and water sporting options that can be experienced throughout the Maltese Islands. There are some wonderful places for walking and hiking, particularly on the smaller sister island of Gozo. The local countryside offers many picturesque routes, many of which are also coastal, with plenty to discover along the way, from ancient farmhouses and wayside chapels to spectacular seascapes.

The islands attract many who enjoy sailing and scuba diving in particular, and the temperate climate makes it possible to play a game of golf throughout most of the year in fair weather. The island’s compact size also allows you to experience a variety of activities over a brief period of time, which means you could tee off in the morning and set sail by sunset!

The Maltese Islands are also surrounded by impressive under-water worlds. Warm crystal waters, excellent visibility and a variety of stunning underwater topography and wrecks make the waters around the Islands one of the most sought after locations for scuba divers.

Bespoke Diving Courses and experiences can be tailored for all levels of skill, including beginners. Instruction is personal and is provided by professional, internationally accredited dive schools and instructors.