The Maltese Islands

Gozo & Comino

Gozo is only a 30 minute trip by sea from the North of Malta and is far less densely populated than the mainland. It has been able to retain its more rural atmosphere with its distinct flat- topped hills and winding valleys and the pace of life is noticeably slower.

Famed by many to be the site of the myths of Atlantis, the history of the island of Gozo date back many thousands of years. This historic island boasts archaic mythological places and archaeological sites that are older than the Pyramids, revealing to you inspiring surroundings in which to realign yourself to the five elements of nature.

Although there are a number of places of historical significance, particularly in and around the Citadella, this island is all about connecting with the elements. There are some wonderful places for walking and hiking around this very accessible 67 square kilometre island. The countryside is usually bursting with colours from the blossoming hibiscus, oleander, mimosa and bougainvillaea while the timeless coastal landscape is tirelessly being battered by the onslaught of unpolluted Mediterranean waves. The village centres are a sleepy tranquil affair with very friendly locals (some of who still keep a key in their unlocked front doors).

Gozo is also surrounded by impressive under-water worlds. Warm crystal waters, excellent visibility and a variety of stunning underwater topography make the waters around the Island one of the most sought after locations for scuba divers and snorkelers. Unrivalled sites include the Inlet Sea of Dwejra.

A stone throw away from Gozo is the little and all but uninhabited island of Comino. The island offers 360 degree views of Malta and Gozo but its main attraction is undoubtedly the splendid Blue Lagoon. A wonderful turquoise colour, the waters of the lagoon and the surrounding inlets are a draw to many luxurious yachts seeking their crystal clarity and picturesque surroundings. 

Accommodation, dining and entertainment venues in Gozo are naturally more limited than those in Malta. However, a number of restaurants that offer fine dining are to be found in restored spaces full of character, and a selection of private converted farmhouses offering luxury accommodation are available for rent, for a complete sense of freedom and exclusivity.