About Us

A Commitment to Sustainability

Although we are a small company, we take our responsibility to protect the environment and to promoting Responsible Tourism seriously. We are committed to maximising the benefits of tourism whilst continuously minimizing the impact our activities have on the environment. We also strive to protect the social, cultural and economic aspects of the areas that our guests visit.

beyond3sixty is committed to the proactive management and effective control of the environmental impact of its activities and aims to make a positive contribution to the environment through a number of strategic initiatives:
We adopt a strict reduce, reuse and recycle policy and operate on renewable energy whenever possible.

As much as possible we strive to mitigate the carbon footprint that is created by each visitor to our islands. In this regard, we make a small donation towards the planting of trees in the tree4U campaign for every booking we receive. We also support local apiculture through the support of initiatives that generate awareness of the issues and challenges facing this vital industry.